Web Design for 2008 – a New Direction

It’s become clear to me that 2008, besides being an election year, will also be the beginning of a major change in web design.  I want all my clients to know that I am on top of it all and am ready to live with the advancements that are ahead of us.

Quite frankly, web design has become rather boring over the past two years.  Every category has fallen into a rut.  Readers are becoming bored with seeing the same formats over and over, and are leaving sites within seconds after entering them.

Here’s where web design is heading over the next 18 months:

  • Clean, easy to read, open designs.  More information, less clutter.
  • Websites than can be read equally well on mobile phones and big screen monitors.
  • Web pages are readable and look good when printed on plain paper – without ads.
  • Home pages that make you want to go deeper into the site, not click away.
  • Less of “look at how wonderful we are” to “here’s what we can do for you.”
  • Interesting content, not just pictures of tall buildings or receptionists doing their job.
  • Site maps that lead you to what you are looking for, not just content tables.
  • Programming and design that is clean and highly functional.  No more FrontPage.
  • The end of Flash pages that take forever to load and are irritating to viewers.
  • Directory sites that actually lead to something besides spam pages.
  • Search engines that actually sort by subject and location – why do we get Australian mortgage companies when we want a real estate office in Phoenix? 

Hoyle Consulting Services and the SmallWebMaster.com are already moving in this direction.  If you want a clean looking website that is not only inexpensive and easily maintained, then send me an email.  I’ll be happy to discuss how we can upgrade your old website or create a new one that you will be proud to show off to your friends and clients.

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