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Jay and John Hoyle in the 1980sAt the suggestion of my brother Denny, I have updated our father’s memorial pages that are linked to this website. 

Within just a few weeks it will be two years since his passing, yet it seems like it was just recently that I saw him last.  So many of the good memories from my youth involve my father.  Although he could be a heavy-handed disciplinarian (both literally and figuratively) at times, I never doubted that he loved me and really wanted me to grow up to be a responsible adult and do well. 

When it involved sports, Dad was not only a coach to my brother and me, but also a great playmate.  He loved to get out and mix it up a little, wrestling and boxing with us, tossing a football, or grabbing a baseball glove and playing catch with us for hours in the front yard of our home in Riverside, California.  He was still playing catch with us when we were adults and had kids of our own and he was well into his fifties.

I prefer to think of my father in that way – looking back on the days of my youth.  In later Alton J Hoyleyears our relationship became more strained and distant, not only in miles, but also in other ways.  Even though I did not agree with some of his beliefs, nor he with mine, I know he was just as sincere in his position as I was.  Through all of that, I always loved him and was sure he felt the same way about me.

Sometimes there is a price that must be paid and tears to be shed as we go our separate ways and move away from our parents.  Although they are both gone now, I will always have my wonderful memories of Dad and Mom and the great life we all had as kids.

The memorial pages have an improved layout, are printer friendly, and there is a new picture of Dad in his seventies at the end of the text.  I’ve corrected some spelling errors and weak grammar in an attempt to make the text flow smoother. Click on the link in the side panel to check it out. 

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