Disastrous December

After catching a little snowfall over Thanksgiving, December 2009 started out in a very pleasant way. That first weekend we took a short trip to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit family and to enjoy a long weekend away from home.

We visited Sharon’s father in Santa Rosa. At 93 years of age, he is feeling his age and requires a full time caretaker, but we were pleasantly surprised to see him getting around fairly well and quite conversant. We limited our visits to late morning and kept them short, but our time with him was quite enjoyable and allowed us to confirm the good care that he is getting.

The real highlight of our trip was the chance to see my grand daughter, Mia, dance in the “Nutcracker Ballet” at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium at the Marin County Civic Center. The Marin County office building and the auditorium were both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and are excellent examples of his architectural genius.

On Saturday, December 5th, Mia filled one of the supporting roles, that of a Spanish dancer; both her beauty and talent showed during throughout her brief performance. We watched the show with her parents, Kim and Pete, her sister Kendall, and several of her family’s friends.

On Sunday, we returned to the auditorium and were joined by Mia’s grandmother, Julie, her cousin Shane, along with aunts Kristen and Kelly. We all watched Mia perform the lead role of Clara – which kept her on stage during about half of the entire performance. Again, I was amazed at her skill as a ballerina and her youthful, yet mature beauty.

I found it nearly impossible to keep from tearing up throughout both performances. To say that Mia exceeded our expectations in every way would be totally honest, and yet we should have known that with her dedication to her art along with the total and uncompromising support of her immediate family – that her performance would be exceptional.

OK. That was the fun part of December.

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Where have I been?

I apologize to friends, family –  and even a few of my detractors – for being absent for so long and for failing to update this website since last August. I’ve been busy. Very busy. To say that my bucket has been full over the past year would be, at the minimum, a gross understatement.

So I’ve decided to toss up a few short postings to try to bring everyone who cares up-to-date who reads this blog on what’s going on in my life. I always look forward to hearing from all of my friends and family, past and present, so email me at contact@johnhoyle.com and keep in touch.

Don’t forget to check in from time to time at JustOneOpinion.com, the opinion and news site that I edit along with my close friend, Dick Kelly. If you need a website, or want to refer someone to me to discuss having a WordPress based blog or website set up for them, please send them to Hoyle-Consulting.com, my business site. I really enjoy working with artists, photographers, and writers whenever they need a quality website to display their work.

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Misery in Oregon

Yesterday was my birthday. Everything was great, good weather, nice lunch, and little trip to Macy’s for a pair of fancy flip-flops and a couple pairs of badly needed pants. Oh, yeah, and a quick stop at See’s Candy Store for a box of two-dozen truffles – dietetic, of course.

Now that I am older and more mature, I have to take a fresh look at my life and surroundings.  You simply can not  imagine what I am forced to endure almost every day – especially during the summer and fall.

Sometimes, way up here in the Great Green Pacific Northwest, I wonder if anyone cares what we have to suffer through in these barely livable surroundings: Sun blocked out by the tall evergreens; small birds eating our very valuable seed; vicious and out-of-control squirrels roaming around our backyard, running between houses, and jumping from tree to tree. All of that and the nosey neighbors who are always trying to loan us their tools or wanting to help us with some project.

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Remembering Mom

It’s been almost fifty years since I lived at home with my parents. In spite of the passage of all that time, I think that like most kids of my generation I can still remember some of the phrases that Mom would use frequently to try to teach me proper manners, eat my food, and threaten punishment, deserved or not.

Other than some references to IPods and computers, not that much has changed in fifty years. Mothers will still be mothers and the lectures they give don’t vary much over time.

This comedienne lays it out for us all. In fact, you might pick up few new ones to use on your own kids some day – or every day.


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