Judgment Day?

It’s Tuesday and election day in Pennsylvania. Today might mark the beginning of a “new beginning,” or it may be just the beginning of another major political disappointment. The winner of the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary could turn out to be this country’s last hope for a major turnaround from the course this country has been taken under the leadership of George W. Bush.

We’ve been watching several documentaries that cover the events that led up to the Iraq War and the oil crisis. It’s eerie that there is so much information and documentation that proves that there is a relationship between the country going broke paying for a war none of us want to be in – and the growing wealth of the oil companies and their management. Yet the media, namely large newspapers and TV networks, are basically ignoring the situation and nothing is being done by the Justice Department to stop this pilfering of the public treasury.

Follow the money: Bush = oil and energy; Cheney = Halliburton and defense contractors.

For my part, I can only hope that either Senator Obama or Senator Clinton actually follow through on their promises and get us out of the war, improve the economy, restructure the medical insurance industry, and actively promote and finance stem cell research. Based on past history, I would put my money and my vote on Obama. Senator Clinton has already proven that she has past ties to big money and influential corporate lobbyists. For me, having Bill back in the White House is also a scary thought.

My wish is for truth in advertising from the candidates and for the winner of the election to actually do what has been promised. But in America, there is always the old fallbacks: It’s not the President’s fault because Congress wouldn’t vote for it or the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional. Sorry folks – but in spite of all the promises that were made, you’ve likely been scammed again.

Feel free to register and login and comment. I’d love to know what my friends and family think of this whole election process and what they forecast for the future.

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