Coming up on SuperBowl Weekend

Can you believe that we are already a full month into 2008?  We’re getting deep into the political primaries and Spring will be here in just seven weeks.  It seemed like only yesterday that we were feverishly ordering Xmas gifts and writing checks.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed our overwhelming generosity – or at least won’t hold our gift choices against us for too long.

Almost a  month has passed since I began my diet.  I have been faithfully sticking to it and it is working.  I’m using a modified Zone/Atkins type diet, cutting back on the carbs and eating mostly lean meats, fish, and green vegetables.  I’ve not touched a drop of booze, beer or wine.  I’ve been so good that I just might make it into Heaven for no other reason than my diet – although I’m sure that St. Pete would have to give me a few waivers for some other mischief I’ve done in the past.

The bottom line is that I’ve lost 13 1/2 pounds in 30 days and it really has made a difference in how my clothes are hanging.  I’ve got more energy and my feet don’t get so tired when I walk around Costco for hours and hours.  My goal is to lose an equal amount over the next six weeks and get down under my best weight of 180.

The SuperBowl is due on Sunday.  Either way it goes, I will be happy and satisfied as long as it is a good game.  I love the Manning brothers, Payton and Eli, and to have them both win a SuperBowl within months of each other would be a fantastic achievement.  On the other hand, to be able to see New England’s Patriots win the SuperBowl and have a perfect 19-game season would rank up there with seeing Nolan Ryan’s 7th “no-hitter” in person. 

Wait a minute! I DID see Nolan Ryan pitch his last no-hitter in person!  Well, anyway, it will be a great SuperBowl game, no matter who ends up winning.

Speaking of sports, which I so infrequently do, I want to send out a special congratulations to my granddaughter, Monika, for her team efforts and success in soccer.  Monika is a tough little cookie and with her determination and athletic skill, I bet she could seriously intimidate some of the kids on the opposing team.Granddaughter Monika (2008)
Her team,  the Santa Monica American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) Girls Under 12 Bruisers ran their winning streak to 15 games by taking their area championship in Culver City earlier this month.  Her team will advance as the top seed at the Championships scheduled to be played in Riverside, CA March 1-2, 2008.

Needless to say, Grandpa John and the rest of the family are thrilled with Monika’s  success. This gives her younger cousin, Kendall, a goal to shoot for, as she is also involved with soccer up in the Bay Area.

We’ve had a good year sportswise in this family.  Monika’s brother Robby played with some distinction in organized tournament baseball and high school football last year.  Cousin Kyle’s high school freshman football team had great success and he was able to play at his peak in both directions.  Younger cousin Shane continued to do well in organized baseball and football.  Cousin Mia danced to perfection in a demanding part in the ballet “The Nutcracker” and received good reviews for her singing at a recent recital.  And cousin Kendall, I’m told, besides her growing athletic skills in soccer, has decided to set out on a career path as an actress and singer.

Excuse me while I replace all the buttons on my shirt.  But I have to be one of the luckiest grandfathers in history and I simply can’t help but be proud of every one of them.  I keep wondering where these kids came up with all their athleticism and talent.  One thing is for sure – they all are cheered on and fully supported by their parents.  They are very lucky young people to have such supportive families behind them.

A high-five to “supportive families!”

Here are pictures of Monika and her championship teammates and coaches.  Good work, Bruisers!  Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized photos.

Santa Monica AYSO Girls Under 12 Champions

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