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My final entry for today is about another new website that I am currently working on for Bend Cascadia Nursery, a Bend, Oregon wholesale nursery company. I stumbled across this client after looking at some computer “gigs” on

Once in a great while I’ll get the itch to go check the Craigslist ads just to see if I can find someone in trouble that could use my help. My intent this time was to see if a deserving small business might need someone to build a professional level website for them at a relatively low cost – or to help them figure out how to build one themselves.

After looking through Portland, Salem, and Corvallis classifieds, I finally found one posted from the Eugene. The ad basically stated that they needed a new website in a hurry and that their old webmaster had simply “bailed out” on them. I sent them an email and offered to help. As it turns out, I should be able to provide them with a very nice website for very little money. Hopefully I’ll get another happy long term customer.

Bend Cascadia Nursery

This website is just now being set up. I will probably be the end of July before I actually turn it over to the client, but in the meantime I’ve setup a single-page “business card” website for them. I wanted to get something online so that Google and Yahoo could find them over the next couple of weeks. Bend Cascadia NurseryThey also desperately needed a webpage to point their print ads to. I think the page I put together for them does both of those things and, I think, does it pretty well.

Bend Cascadia Nursery is located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Located on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountain Range, Bend is known for its excellent climate and beautiful surroundings. My client actually lives some distance from Bend in the shadows of the “3 Sisters” mountain peaks.

To capture the feel and beauty of the area, I chose a header image with a northerly view of the 3 Sisters peaks in springtime. The green color scheme used on the site was the same as an earlier choice determined by the client and the now disappeared webmaster.

Even though the site is simple and only one page, I’ve set up a mini-gallery near the page footer that shows some of the heavy equipment that the client leases and sells. There are oversized thumbnails that go to full page photos of each piece. The site has a rather unusual feature – namely a “page slide” – allowing critical contact information – to remain locked on the screen at all times as the reader scrolls down the page. A simple, but very effective and useful effect.

As I mentioned, this page is only temporary (definitely beats “Page Under Construction”) just to give the client something to work with while I build the actual site. The new site will be based on a static version of WordPress. It will have a News or Update page where the client will post his latest sales and available heavy equipment.

I’ll add a post on this blog when this new website is tested and up and running.

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